What is InfoCenterCRM?

InfoCenterCRM can help you to . . .

·        Drive More Sales

·        Increase Accountability

·        Improve Your Customer Experience

·        Increase Collaboration & Help You And Your Team to

·        Get More of The Right Things Done Every Day!


InfoCenterCRM includes the following features:

·        Customer Relationship Management

·        Account Management

·        Task Delegation Management

·        Calendaring & Scheduling

·        Opportunity Management

·        Skype Integration

·        File Sharing

·        KnowledgeBase

·        Customization

On the CRM Contacts screen you can accomplish the following activities, which relate to each contact in your system:

·            Assign and manage tasks

·         Schedule appointments

·        Create & Track sales opportunities

·        Contact via phone, chat or video

·        Add or review time-stamped notes

·        View the history of your relationship

·        Attach any number of files

The Five Biggest Benefits of InfoCenterCRM

In today's ultra-competitive markets, the companies that manage customer relationships the best are more likely to win than those that don't.

1. The first benefit you will achieve with InfoCenterCRM is increased efficiency. InfoCenter automates many manual processes that would otherwise cause significant organizational inefficiencies. InfoCenter actually helps every member of your team to get more of the right things every day!

2. Secondly you will benefit from dramatically improved collaboration in your organization. InfoCenterCRM’s cloud-based platform allows for employees in multiple departments to more effectively manage your customer relationships and to see the big picture at any time.

3. The third big benefit is powerful data collaboration, reporting and analysis tools that make InfoCenterCRM an indispensable part of your organization. InfoCenterCRM helps you to understand your CRM data and learn things about your customers that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

4. Number four, you will notice a big improvement in INCREASED ACCOUNTABILITY. InfoCenter can help ensure that things don’t fall through the cracks by adding a layer of accountability to the customer relationship management process. InfoCenterCRM helps employees across departments understand their responsibilities to customers throughout the customer lifecycle and when those responsibilities aren't met, it's easy to identify what went wrong, where, and who fell short, and how to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

5. And number five, for all of the benefits InfoCenter provides, the biggest benefit is that its use leads to a better overall customer experience.



System Setup

InfoCenterCRM comes ready for you to setup your organization. We recommend that you setup InfoCenter following this approach.

Before we begin, let’s explain the basic navigation for InfoCenterCRM.

Notice that wherever you are in InfoCenterCRM you will see the menu shown above.

 The hamburger menu provides a number of options when it is clicked, including the following:




Displays the personal task list for the user who is logged into the system




This option is only shown for users who are designated as administrators in the system. These management options include Organizational Profile, Users, Task Types, and Reports.




Displays the personal task list for the user who is logged into the system




Displays the CRM Contact screen. This serves as the heart of the system and is where you will maintain all the details of your customer relationships on contact screens, including contact information, user-definable fields, notes, history and attached files for each contact. Users of the system can also schedule appointments for any contact, create tasks that relate to any contact, Create sales opportunities, or contact any contact through Skype integrated options, including phone calls, Skype video calls, Text messages or instant message chats.




Displays the calendar for the current month for the user who is logged into the system. From this screen the user can CREATE NEW appointments and associate these appointments with any contact in the system. Month, week, and day views are available. All day events are supported, as are text alerts to make it easy to integrate with mobile devices. Notes are also provided for each appointment. Every user on your team has their own calendar. So you can also manage scheduled resources, such as conference rooms by creating a user record for each resource.




Displays the Reports Menu, which currently includes TASKS I ASSIGNED reports and COMPELTED PAID TASKS REPORT. Additional reports are also available. Please contact us to suggest additional helpful reports for your organization.


File Library


Displays the InfoCenterCRM File Library. This is your secure organizational cloud storage where any member of your team can upload or download documents of any size up to 1GB. Here, you can also add hyperlinks to external online digital resources, such as YouTube videos, etc. You can also create folders to help you organize important files that you want to make available to your team.

Your InfoCenter File Library is a perfect place to keep all your photos, documents, videos, spreadsheets, PDFs, or any other kind of document that you want to make available to members of your team. It’s secure, behind the login for each of your users, so nobody outside your organization can access your information. Your files are available to any authorized user, by simply logging in to InfoCenter. Think of it. All your stuff, always available, no matter where you are!




Displays the InfoCenterCRM KnowledgeBase. This online KnowledgeBase or Help System is a great place to maintain support or organizational information.

Your InfoCenterCRM KnowledgeBase makes it easy to support customers, team members or vendors when they need help. If you want to make it available to them directly, they can even help themselves. The KnowledgeBase is completely searchable and can include video, text and images. It’s a great place to capture and share all the institutional knowledge that your team has.


Clicking on the ACCOUNTS icon will display the Accounts screen. This is where you will manage all the accounts with whom you conduct business.


Clicking on the CRM icon will display the CRM Contacts screen. This is where you will manage all the contacts with whom you conduct business.


Clicking on the CALENDAR icon will display the CALENDAR screen. This is where you can schedule appointments and review your personal calendar. Each user on your team will have their own calendar.


Clicking on the TASKS icon will display the TASKS module. This is the heart of the task delegation management module. Here, any team member or user can assign a task or make a request of another team member. Tasks can be assigned to any other active member of your organization. Other users or team members can be CCd or BCCd on the task assignment. Task types may be assigned. Subjects can also be included and a priority for each task can be included, as well. Tasks can be associated with any Contact in the CRM database.

A desired COMPLETE BY date and time can also be entered. Notes can be added by either the user giving the assignment or the recipient of the assignment and files up to 1GB may also be attached to each assigned task. Assigning users may request feedback and they can request a notification if the task is not completed on time. Assigning users can also request that a reminder notification will be sent to the assignee four hours prior to the completion time. Users receiving a task assignment are instantly notified via either email or text message, and can decline the task if they are unable to accept it for any reason.

Please also note that in the upper right corner of the screen a photo of the logged in user appears. Clicking on this image will permit the user to change their password or logout of the system.


 Clicking on the SUGGESTIONS & FEEDBACK button will allow any member of your team to document suggestions, bugs, feedback or recommendations about the InfoCenterCRM system.


STEP ONE: Login to InfoCenterCRM

Note that the first user to log into your InfoCenter is the Master System Administrator. This user has the right and responsibility to setup the system. The following steps will make this setup process quick and easy. In the next step you will set up the users for your InfoCenter system. The first user is the master administrator. That’s you. You can add as many additional users as you like. Each user can also be an administrator, with special system rights, or a just normal user. After you create user records for everyone in your team they will be invited to log in and start using the system. Everyone on your team will need their own user account set up. This will give them access to the system. Be sure to create a personal user record for yourself too.


STEP TWO: Setup your personal USER record

a.      Click the menu button

b.      Select Administration

c.       Click Users

d.       Your User List screen will be displayed. Note that the only record in the system is ADMIN.

              This is your Master Administrator record. Login as the Master Adminstrator only when you

                want to act as the system administrator.

e.       Click [CREATE NEW]. An empty USER screen will be displayed.

f.        Create a USER record for yourself. This will be the user identity that you will normally use

               when you  access the InfoCenter system. Fill out each of these fields according to your

               personal information.





g. Be sure to click on [IS ADMIN], to indicate that you are also a system administrator. You can upload a photo of yourself by clicking on the [Choose File] button. This is the image that will appear in the upper right corner of the screen when you are logged in to the InfoCenter system.

                                                    i.     Note that in top of the right column you can indicate if each user is to be compensated for assigned tasks completed. If you wish to use this feature, click on the TASK COMPLETED option and indicate the desired HOURLY RATE for these individuals. In the TASK TYPES option in the Administration screen. There, you can create standard payable task types and the associated compensation for each type of task. These payable tasks will appear on the COMPLETED PAID TASKS report.

                                                   ii.     The CELL PHONE field is an important field in the system because it allows the system to send out text messages for system notifications. Enter your cellphone number in this field and click on the drop-down menu for the Cellular Carrier to indicate your cellphone carrier. This allows us to easily send text messages to you when the system needs to notify you of alerts or other important system messages.

                                                  iii.     Your SKYPE ID is used to enable you to use the integrated Skype communications features from the CRM Contact screen.

                                                  iv.     The PREFERRED COMMUNICATION method field allows you to select your preferred method for receiving messages from the system. Text messages are, of course, faster than email.

                                                   v.     If you would like to enter any notes for each user you can use the NOTES field to do so.

                                                  vi.     You can also ATTACH FILES to any user record, for example, and employment agreement, etc.

                                                  vii.     Click [SAVE] to save your record.



Click the [ADD NEW] button to create a USER record for every member of your team. Then notify each member of your team about their assigned USERNAME and PASSWORD, as well as the URL for your InfoCenter system.



1.      Click  to access the ACCOUNTS LIST screen.


2.      Click [ADD NEW] to add a new record for each of the organizations with whom your organization does business.




3.    Enter the organization’s name in the ACCOUNT field. Fill out the other fields as needed. You may also add notes for each Account screen


4.    CRM Contact records can be associated with Accounts. This is done on the individual contact screens for each individual who is associated with each Account. As people are associated with accounts, their names, titles, phone numbres, email and addresses will be shown on the appropriate Account screen above the Notes, as shown below.




a.      Click the menu button


b.      Click on ADMINISTRATION


c.      Click on the PROFILE icon  


d.      An empty Profile screen will be displayed. This is a single record for your InfoCenterCRM system that describes your organization.






Simply fill in each of the fields with information about your organization. Note that only Administrators will have access to this information. So, we recommend that you choose administrators accordingly.


Note that there are seven user-definable fields available, which you can name whatever you like. Add these field names in the lower portion of this screen and click [SAVE] when you are done. These user –definable field names will appear on the CRM Contact screens for your organization for each of your contact records, so consider what kinds of information you want to store for your contacts and name these fields appropriately.



STEP SEVEN: Enter your CRM Contact records

a.    Click on the CRM CONTACTS icon


b.   A sample Contact screen will be displayed. A few sample contact records are pre-loaded in InfoCenter to show you what you can do with the system. We recommend that you review them then delete these sample records before entering your own contact records.




c.    The CONTACTS screen is the heart of the InfoCenterCRM system. Here you can add a record for every individual with whom your organization interacts [ADD NEW]. You can keep track of all the details of your relationship, including their contact information, any kind of notes, and any files that you want to attach to each contact record. From each contact you can interact with each person by scheduling an appointment with them in the CALENDAR, associate them to an ACCOUNT with the drop-down ACCOUNT field, Request assistance from any member of your team to assist with anything that relates to any contact, or contact them using Skype to call their mobile, or landline, conduct a Skype video conference with them, send them a text message or have an online chat with them. You can also create and manage SALES OPPORTUNITIES with the Opportunities option. Note that any of these activities that are conducted within the system will automatically create a HISTORY entry in the history tab for each contact.



d.   The default view in the Contacts screen is the VIEW MODE. If you wish to EDIT a contact record you need to enter into EDIT MODE. This is done by clicking on the CRM icon and selecting EDIT. This will allow you to edit any of the fields on the currently displayed contact record. Be sure to click [SAVE] to save any changes that you make to a contact record.


e.    For the CONTACT-> CALL option, the default field used is the CELL PHONE field. Skype to cell or landline calls require a Skype subscription. An unlimited subscription for the US & Canada is available for just $2.99 per month. You can purchase or update your Skype subscription at the following link:




f.     For the SKYPE VIDEO feature to operate, you need to ensure that the Contact has a SKYPE ID entered in the field in the upper right corner of the contact screen. This feature is free.


g.    Text messages are sent out by InfoCenter directly from your desktop or tablet, using either a Chrome or Firefox browser. They are not sent through your cellphone. 


h.    Chat is facilitated through Skype and is free. 


i.     The CRM LIST feature displays a list of your Contacts. The list shows your Contacts Name, Cell Phone, Address, City, State and Zip Code. The list can be sorted by clicking on the title of each column in ascending or descending order. Note that the names are sorted by first name, not last name order. Note also that you can quickly display any Contacts by first name, by clicking on the alphanumeric buttons arrayed across the top of the list screen. Clicking on the NAME will display the associated Contact record. 


j.     Note that you can upload photos of your contacts and these images will appear in the upper right corner of their Contact record. 


k.    Also notice that the lower seven fields on each Contact record have user-definable field names, which can be modified in your organizational PROFILE screen, on the Administration screen. 


l.     NOTES: To enter a note for a Contact, click on the CRM icon and select NOTE from the drop-down list. When you do this you will notice that the current date and time as well as the current USER NAME will appear at the top of the notes field, with the cursor positioned where you can immediately begin typing your note. Remember to [SAVE] after entering your note. 


m.  ATTACHING FILES: Immediately below the NOTES section of the Contacts screen is the ATTACH FILES area. Here, you can simply drag a file from Finder or Windows Explorer into this dotted area, whereupon the file will be uploaded and attached to the currently displayed record. Any member of your team will then have access to this attached file whenever they display this Contact record. Alternatively, you can click on the CLICK TO UPLOAD title of this area to open your file viewer, ie. Finder or Windows Explorer, to select a file to be uploaded. Notice that uploaded files appear below this area. Note that only ADMINISTRATORS have the right to DELETE these ATTACHED FILES. If you are an administrator you will see a small TRASH icon to the right of ATTACHED FILES, which you can click to delete them, if you desire. 



n.    By encouraging every member of your team to actively use InfoCenterCRM you will quickly accumulate a comprehensive database of all the important information that helps you serve your customers and clients. Encourage every member of your team to ensure that all information is always up-to-date and ask them to keep notes on every interaction or touch they have with your contacts. This will enable any other member of your team to always have up-to-the-minute information needed to serve your customers.



The InfoCenterCRM system is cloud-based, secure, and highly customizable. If you have any questions about a possible customization, report or integration that would be helpful to your organization, contact us today to discuss it. eMail

You’ve built your business by doing things your way. Why not manage your customer relationships your way too? With InfoCenter you can add any kind of functionality you can dream up, with our custom development services. Give us a call and you will be surprised how easy and affordable it is!


Feel free to try out InfoCenterCRM absolutely free for 30 days. There are no restrictions and no limitations.

At the end of your free month we’ll simply charge you $10 per month for each of your users, each month. Your organization receives 2 GB of free storage with your subscription. Additional storage used is billed on a monthly basis, at the rate of just $1.00 per GB.








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