We take security seriously here at InfoCentre. And for good reason: every person and organization using our service expects their data to be secure and confidential. We understand how important the responsibility of safeguarding this data is to our customers and work to maintain that trust.

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in InfoCenterCRM, please get in touch with our security team at info@InfoCenter.biz or call us directly at (801) 239-2225.

InfoCenterCRM is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrustructure. Confidential data is the lifeblood of any company, and many industry companies are also bound by extensive regulations regarding the use, transmission, and storage of customer data.

InfoCenterCRM's Azure cloud provides businesses with the data security and privacy, control, and transparency they require. Security and privacy are embedded in the Azure platform, using the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), from initial planning through solution launch—as well as the upgrades we continue to make. Operational Security Assurance provides security guidelines for our operational processes, and Privacy by Design governs how we build and operate products.

InfoCenterCRM's Azure cloud uses multiple safeguards to protect customer and enterprise data. These security practices and technologies include:

Encryption – InfoCenterCRM's Azure cloud uses industry-standard protocols to encrypt data as it travels between devices and Microsoft datacenters, and crosses within datacenters

Secure networks – Azure infrastructure relies on security practices and technologies to connect virtual machines to each other and to on-premises datacenters, while blocking unauthorized traffic.

Threat management – Microsoft's Anti-malware protects InfoCenter's Azure cloud.

InfoCenterCRM's Azure cloud also uses intrusion detection, denial-of-service (DDoS) attack prevention, penetration testing, data analytics, and machine learning to constantly strengthen its defense and reduce risks.

Compliance – Microsoft complies with both international and industry-specific compliance standards and participate in rigorous third-party audits, which verify our security controls.

Customers maintain full ownership and control over their own data. Microsoft is a leader in providing transparency about their privacy practices—one reason we have adopted the world’s first code of practice for cloud privacy, ISO/IEC 27018.

All data is automatically backed up daily.








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